How do I start a charging session at an JomCharge?

After signing up for an account and entering your credit card details at the Payment Gateway, enter the Chargepoint ID you parked at. Plug your cable into both charger and vehicle. Press "Start Charging" to charge, and "Stop Charging" to stop charging.

Note that RM1.01 will be charged upon registration of your credit card for card authorisation during registration by Razer and it's non-refundable.

How do I find a JomCharge chargepoint?

JomCharge chargers can be easily identified from the icon below. Each JomCharge charger has their own respective ID and QR code such as Jom001, Jom002 and so on.

Besides, JomCharge chargers shown in JomCharge maps are distinguished by their coloured icons; Grey colour icons indicates chargers that not operable by JomCharge

JomCharge Charger
Other Charger

What do the JomCharge charger power levels listed on the station mean?

Chargers listed in JomCharge apps have power ranged from 3.6kW, 7kW, 11kW, 22kW. The power level indicates the maximum charging power the charger can deliver to the vehicle.

What do the coloured icons on the JomCharge chargers indicate?

In the maps, users can find different colour of icons with each having respective meaning.

Red - Charging station is unable to charge due to fault or offline
Green - Charging station is available to charge
Orange - Charging station is being occupied

How can I track the progress of my charging session?

JomCharge has the features of showing real time status of the JomCharge chargers, such as:

  1. "Available" - charger is online and available to use
  2. "Preparing" - charger is performing system checking before charging starts
  3. "Charging" - when the vehicle is being charged
  4. "SuspendedEV" - charging has stopped due to full charge or other reasons
  5. "Occupied" - charger is being occupied by other user
  6. "Finished" - charging has finished
  7. "Faulted" - charger is experiencing internal fault / power quality issues
  8. "Unavailable" - charger is offline and unable to use

JomCharge will also notify the user when the charging has started and charging has stop.


JomCharge allows users only to insert their credit card or debit card, and charging is ready to go. Billing will be charged on the cards after charging has stopped.

The pricing scheme is based on the charging duration and each JomCharge charger has their own respective pricing, depending on the location.